December 29, 2016


National Geographic Using Children to Push an Agenda


Avery Jackson is a nine-year old boy who identifies as a girl — a transgender girl.  He and his mom were featured on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Moms for Transgender Equality video series.   His mom is also a member of HRC’s Parents for Transgender Equality Council.  Remember the Human Rights Campaign is the largest homosexual lobby group in the nation.  Jackson will now appear on the cover of National Geographic’s January 2017 edition “Gender Revolution.”

“National Geographic is almost 130 years old, and we have been covering cultures, societies and social issues for all of those years. It struck us, listening to the national conversation, that gender was at the center of so many of these issues in the news,” Susan Goldberg, editorial director of National Geographic Partners and editor in chief of National Geographic magazine, told NBC Out.  NOTE:  NBC Out covers all stories relating to LGBT issues.

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