October 23, 2019


Judicial Voter Guides and Info on Ballot Question


The November 5th election is considered an “off-year election,” since there are no federal races.  However, there are never any off-year elections because whatever the outcome of the election will eventually impact you and your family.  On November 5th there will be races for Superior Court as well as retention votes for two judges currently on the Superior Court and Commonwealth Court each.  There will also be local races for County Council or County Commissioners, borough council, township supervisor, row offices, and school board, etc.  We will also be voting on a constitutional amendment — Marsy’s Law — which you need to consider very, very carefully.

Go to the polls as an informed voter!

Action Steps

The AFA of PA has created a non-partisan voter guide  designed as a bulletin insert.  It is perfectly legal for churches to use this insert.   Side one  is the actual voter guide;  side two  gives you information on the proposed constitutional amendment you will be asked to vote on. 

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