July 8, 2022


Only Seven Senators Held the Line Opposing U Pitt Funding


The final vote in the State Senate on the amended SB 1284 came at 9:37 Thursday night.  Remember this bill was a work around conservative opposition to funding the University of Pittsburgh because of its so-called research using aborted baby body parts.   Also remember, the State House wrote and approved this amendment excluding the Knowles amendment which would have required universities sign an agreement that they would do no research using aborted fetal tissue before they could get funding from the state.  The House passed their amendment Wednesday night by a vote of 145-55.  Here’s the link to that vote.   

The amended SB 1284 went to the Senate Rules and Executive Nominations Committee Wednesday evening and the full Senate voted at 9:37 Thursday evening to send almost $600 million to  PA’s four state-related universities (Penn State, Lincoln, Temple and University of Pittsburgh) whether they do research using aborted baby body parts of not! 

Action Steps

Only seven senators held the line and voted no to funding the University of Pittsburgh and the other three universities.  Tell these senators thank you for standing up for the dignity of the pre-born.  They are:

Michell Brooks – contact form or call (724) 588-8911.

Cris Dush – contact form or call (570) 724-5231.

Chris Gebhard  – contact form or call (717) 274-6735.

Scott Hutchinson – contact form or call (814) 677-6345.

Doug Mastriano – contact form or call (717) 264-6100.

Kristin Phillips-Hill  – contact form or call (717) 741-4648.

Patrick Stefano – contact form or call (814) 443-2053.

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