News from Around PA

1.) NW PA Pride will hold the first ever Pride Festival in Meadville (Crawford County) on July 23rd.

2.) Group of current and former GOP elected officials announce their support for Josh Shapiro for governor.

3.) Bill to eliminate the word “homosexuality” from the PA Crimes Code has unanimously passed both the State House and State Senate.

4.) The Life Amendment has passed in the State Senate by a vote of 28-22.

5.) PA Legislative Climate Change Caucus (all Democrats) condemned the Supreme Court’s decision limiting the EPA’s power.

6.) Pittsburgh City Councilman introduces bills to make Pittsburgh an “abortion safe haven.”

News From National Scene

1.) US taxpayer dollars continue pouring into Afghanistan and the Biden Administration refuses to tell a federal auditor just where the money is going.

2.) A library at Cornell University has removed a bust of President Abraham Lincoln as well as a plaque of the Gettysburg Address.

3.) “Kink and pups” drag queen Samuel Brinton is not qualified to be in the Office of Nuclear Energy.

4.) Fairfax County, VA teachers have been instructed to keep parents uninformed about their child’s declaration that they are transgender or bisexual.

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