News From Around PA

1.) LGBT Equality Alliance of Chester County to host LGBT+ Health Fair. Question: How honest will they be about the dangers of engaging in the LGBT lifestyles?

2.) Behrend University’s Gender and Sexuality Club will hold its Annual Drag Show

3.) HB 1890, which would require the burial or cremation of the remains of an aborted baby, was voted out of the State House Health Committee by a party-line vote.

4.) The National Constitution Center in Philly recently honored former US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy!

5.) Governor Wolf has signed an executive order which will drastically increase the cost of electricity.

News From National Scene

1.) Austin, TX Independent School district board approved a radical new sex-ed curriculum.

2.) New Mexico will now allow “transgenders” to change their sex on birth certificates!

3.) Three female Connecticut athletes will have their case heard by the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights.

4.) A district judge has issued a preliminary injunction to prevent the implementation of Alabama’s Human Life Protection Act.

5.) Georgia state representative is drafting legislation making it a felony for doctors to perform “sex reassignment surgery” on minors.

6.) New York Governor Cuomo has signed into state law the federal Johnson Amendment.

7.) Kentucky Supreme Court sides with Hands on Originals.

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