November 10, 2023


Oppose Transgender Day of Remembrance


Democrat Senators Lindsey Williams, Amanda Cappelletti, Timothy Kearney and Kate Muth began circulating a co-sponsorship memo for a “Resolution Designating “Transgender Day of Remembrance” and “Transgender Awareness Week” in Pennsylvania”.   It notes, “This resolution is intended to celebrate the joy, beauty, and lives of transgender people, while also elevating the continued need for legislative action so that Pennsylvania can be a place where all trans people are safe, healthy, and thriving.”

The legislative action they are referring to would be bills allowing men who identify as women to use the women’s bathroom, locker and shower rooms or vice versa, to force schools to allow boys on girls’ sports teams, to make it easier for those who identify as transgender to legally change their name (even felons!), to make it a crime to “deadname” or use the wrong pronoun of a transgender individual.  This is what these Senators and others want!!

Those who identify as transgender should not be affirmed, but need to know that God did not make them that way.  They need to receive counseling to help them overcome the issues that have caused their gender confusion. 

Action Steps

Ask your State Senator not to sign onto this co-sponsorship memo for a resolution “designating November 20, 2023 as ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ and November 13-19, 2023 as ‘Transgender Awareness Week’ in Pennsylvania.”

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