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March 24, 2016


Two Montgomery County School Districts Seek to Mislead Children


You may not live in these two school districts, but if you know someone who does, please forward this alert to them.

Lower Merion and Springfield Township School Districts in Montgomery County are working towards adding new policies to deal with students who identify as transgender.  Springfield Township School District has approved a first reading of Draft Policy 253 and you can read it here.   Lower Merion’s committee of non-board members, the Gender Expansive and Transgender Policy Committee, will present their proposed policy to the full school board within the next few weeks.   Lower Merion’s is a GET policy — Gender Expansive and Transgender!

In today’s world, no longer can one safely say a girl is a girl or a boy is a boy!  When will it become illegal for doctors to declare the sex of a child at birth — it may become discriminatory!!  According to the transgender and homosexual activists, you do not have to adhere to your gender “assigned at birth,” but you can choose whoever you want to be. Of course, this idea defies simple biology!

This alert is being sent to everyone in Montgomery County on our email alert list.  If you live within Lower Merion or  Springfield Township School Districts, please contact your school board members.  Let them know what you think!  The AFA of PA has contacted both school boards and have just  issued a news release, click here to read it for more information about the dangers of these policy changes.

Action Steps

1.)  If you live within the Lower Merion School District, there are no individual email addresses for the board members.  There is one email for them all —   To read the names of the school board members, click here.

2.)  Springfield Township School Board members are:

Gretchen Slapinsky – President

Katherine Lewis Sarsfield –  Vice President —

Walter Lapidus —

Holly Kisailus —

Ben Rayer —

Dr. Karen Taratuski —

James Taylor —

John Chapman —

Jeannine DePaul-Nelson —

3.)  If you do not live within these two school districts, please forward this alert to concerned taxpayers who do.

4.)  Is your school board considering such policy changes?  You might want to check with two  direct question:  “Are there any schools within the district that allow boys who think they are girls to use the girls’ restroom or locker room?  Are you considering a policy that allows boys who think they are girls to use the girls’ restroom, locker and shower facilities and play on girls’ sports teams?”  The best way to monitor what’s going on in your school district is to attend the board meetings monthly!   What school board members and the newspapers tell you, can’t always be trusted.

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