August 26, 2017


Public Comment Open for PA Plan to Implement ESSA


The PA Department of Education has come up with a 144 page plan to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act.   You can go to this page  and review the entire 144 page document or choose the 39 page power point presentation.

Upon reviewing this document (here’s our ten pages of  Notes on ESSA PA Consolidated State Plan) it became evident that as too many American families have fallen apart or as too many children are being raised in single-parent households, the government,  through the public education system, has been more than willing to step in and attempt to become the “parent, ” “caregiver,” “overseer,” “big brother” of not only the children, but the fragmented families as well.  Creating a nanny state??  The state is tracking through data mining all children from cradle to grave and is more than willing to use them as guinea pigs in the latest social experiment!  Your taxpayer dollars at work.  The church should step back into the “arena” and provide what is really needed by these families and children –not just  food, clothing, homework help, after-school activities,  but also the Truth of the Gospel.

Want to know what the average teacher salary is in your district?  You can also compare that figure with the others in your county.  Click here for the database.

Action Steps

The PA Department of Education is taking public comment on their plan until August 31st.

You can leave your comments on the new PA Consolidated State Plan by emailing or by answering the survey here   Click on the “Next”  button at the bottom of the page and you will be given the opportunity to comment at length  on each of the six sections.

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