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June 1, 2018


US Supreme Court Will Hand Down its Decision in the Jack Phillips Case This Month


Oral arguments in the religious liberty case involving Colorado baker Jack Phillips were heard before the US Supreme Court on December 12th.  Their decision will be handed down later this month.   Homosexual activists are hoping they can celebrate another ‘win’ during their ‘gay pride’ month – June.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) , the nation’s largest homosexual lobby group, once again gathered some of their corporate buddies to sign onto an amicus brief opposing Jack Phillips’ religious freedom to refuse to back cakes for so-called same-sex weddings.   Apple, Amazon, Citi and Marriott were among those that signed onto this brief.

The HRC also contacted bakers from across the nation to sign onto another brief.  The following Pennsylvania-based bakeries were listed on that brief opposing Jack Phillips:

  • Christina Barber of Velvet Sky Bakery in Jenkintown
  • Danielle Callahan of Grown Up Treats LLC in Chester
  • Jared Cohen of West Avenue Restaurant in Dresher
  • Steven Dorcelien of Bright Yellow Creamery in Philadelphia
  • Nicole Endrikat Matos of Queen Bee Pastry in Philadelphia
  • Nima Etemadi of Cake Life Bake Shop in Philadelphia
  • Lily Fischer of Cake Life Bake Shop in Philadelphia
  • Kevin Hart of Chef’s Table Catering in Philadelphia
  • Richard Hogan of Culinaragourmet in New Hope
  • Julia Izenberh of Izenberg’s Deli, Bakery, Catering, & Restaurant in Conshohocken
  • Kim Laughlin of Park Avenue Pastries in Chalfont
  • Jennifer Low of The Frosted Fox Cake Shop in Philadelphia
  • Steven Nawalany of Lipkins Bakery in Philadelphia
  • Erika Urso-Deutsch of Love Bites by Erika in Easton
  • Mason Waterman of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia
  • Ken Weinstein of Trolley Car Diner in Philadelphia
  • Joshua White of Swiss Haus Bakery in Philadelphia
  • Andrew Wood of Russet Restaurant in Philadelphia
  • Kristin Wood of Russet Restaurant in Philadelphia
  • Peggy Zwerver of Earth Bread + Brewery in Philadelphia

The stakes are high in this case and the LGBT lobby knows it.  Some on our side fear that Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has hinted at a possible retirement, will once again be the fifth justice to side with homosexuals making it a 5-4 decision opposing the religious freedom of Christian business owners.

Action Steps

Pray daily for the outcome of this case.  It has national ramifications.

Pray that the concerns Justice Kennedy expressed during oral arguments about the way the state of Colorado treated Jack Phillips will translate into his decision to support the rights of Jack Phillips to live out his Christian beliefs in the public square.

Pray for the other liberal justices who have always sided with the LGBT lobby – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagen, Sonia Sotomayer.  God still works miracles in the hearts and minds of men and women today!   Pray that they will simply interpret the Constitution and not rewrite it!

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