December 19, 2018


Protecting Kids from Objectionable Material in Streaming Video


In 2005, Congress passed the Family Movie Act, allowing parents to filter out – literally to skip past – any graphic or explicit content when they play DVDs at home. Hollywood fought hard to kill that measure, but the family-friendly legislation passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law by President Bush.  Technology has greatly changed since and Congress is considering an amendment to the Family Movie Act that would allow parents to filter out the same type graphic and explicit content when they stream movies on any bona fide streaming service.

As in 2005, Hollywood is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to kill this bill – HR 6816 – the Family Movie Act Clarification Act of 2018.  They are even painting the company that created this technology as a “piracy company,” but it simply blocks out offending material and does not reproduce it.   Disney and 21st Century Fox are suing the company!

Action Steps

With Democrats taking control of the House in just a few weeks, if this bill is not passed during the lame duck session it may never see the light of day again!

Urge Congress to give the American people a Christmas gift – the ability to protect families from offensive material in movies that are streamed into their homes!

Contact your Congressman and ask him to pressure House Speaker Paul Ryan to fast track HR 6816 –  the Family Movie Act Clarification Act of 2018 as well as to support it if it reaches the floor for a vote.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has been rather difficult to contact during his waning days in Congress, but he needs to get HR 6816, the Family Movie Act Clarification Act of 2018 to the floor of the House for a vote before Congress recesses!  Here’s his DC office number (202) 225-3031 or call the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for his office.  

Click here to contact your Congressman.

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