January 29, 2024


The Freedom to Make Choices . . .


in what you eat.  Some are saying that in order to “save the planet” we need to stop eating meat and start eating bugs because those animals we get the meat from (especially cows) leave too much gas and are endangering the planet.  Well . . . most disagree with that idea, but doe the government have the power . . . ?

Some people are reading the labels on the products they pick up at the store and are questioning the ingredients listed.  More people are seeking organic products to purchase and even others have gone a step further and purchase raw fresh farm products directly from the farm.  That’s where farms like Amos Miller’s in Lancaster County comes in.  He has a private buying club where people from all over the country purchase his products –  knowing fully well they are fresh from the farm, without chemicals or other additives. 

As you may know his farm was raided on January 4th by State Police and employees of the PA Department of Agriculture. Many products were confiscated and others were labeled so that they could not be removed, sold or given away.  The most recent news is the PA Department of Agriculture is suing Amos Miller because he won’t comply with their demands.  He does not sell any products at retail stores and all who buy his products have to either go directly to his farm or the purchase will be sent to them. 

The underlying questions are:  Do Americans still have the freedom to make food choices in this country or does the government have the power to dictate what we eat?   Does a farmer like Amos Miller have the right to operate a business that fills the needs of his many customers?

Action Steps

If you would like to weigh in on the issue, Lancaster Farming has a poll in which you can participate. Here’s the link  

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