September 13, 2010

Issues  (check corresponding number in ‘Details’ and ‘Action’ Sections)

1)      Repeal of Obamacare in the Works!

2)      Senator Levin Wants to Push Repeal of Military Ban on Homosexuals


1.)    Congressman Steve King has 170 co-sponsors of Discharge Petition 11 to bring a vote for repeal of Obamacare before the full House for a vote.  If he gets 218 co-sponsors he can “work around” Nancy Pelosi and bring it to a vote without her approval!  He wants all this to take place BEFORE the elections.  The healthcare law signed 5 months ago is unworkable and the timeline and cost are designed to fail. Everyone will then clamor for the government to fix the problem because the private sector won’t be able to handle it. Visit for more detailed information about healthcare and healthcare reform.  Click here for more information about Congressman King’s effort.

2.) Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has said next week he will bring the repeal of the law banning homosexuals from serving in the military forward. Remember earlier this year the House passed the repeal and it is now an amendment attached to the Defense Authorization Act.  The Senate has yet to act upon it and homosexual activists know that as the November elections draw nearer the Senate will be less inclined to vote on this issue.  They are mounting a full frontal assault to place pressure on the Senate to act immediately on repeal. To allow homosexuals to serve opening in the military will destroy our military and national defense.  Click here for more information.

Action Steps

1.)    So far only six of Pennsylvania’s nineteen Congressmen have signed onto the repeal Obamacare discharge petition:  Charles Dent, Tim Murphy, Joe Pitts, Todd Russell Platts, Bill Shuster and Glenn Thompson.  If your Congressman is on the above list, please contact them and tell them ‘thanks.’  If your Congressman is not on this list, give him or her a call and ask them to sign on to the Discharge Petition.  Those like Jason Altmire who voted against the health care bill should show their real opposition to the bill by signing onto Congressman King’s discharge petition. Click here for contact information.

2.)    Neither Senators Arlen Specter nor Bob Casey, Jr. serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee, however they still need to hear from YOU.   They need to be asked to support our military and uphold the ban on open homosexuals serving.   To allow homosexuals to serve in the military will destroy our all-volunteer force.  Our military is unlike any in the world and to use it for social experimentation is unthinkable, yet that is what homosexual activists and their allies want. Click here for consequences of repeal of the law.

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