August 29, 2018


School’s in Session!


The majority of school districts in Pennsylvania are now in session.  As we mentioned in the summer newsletter we recently mailed, Pennsylvania is one of 43 states that exempts schools (and public libraries) from laws that protect minors from obscene materials!!  Thus this material can be used in science and sex ed classes.  Do you want to know how bad comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)  is?  Watch this documentary.   You can either watch the short 10 minute version or the longer 35 minute film.  You can also read the 15 Harmful Elements of CSE here 

Here are some examples of materials used in Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Action Steps

As a result of this Liberty Counsel has developed an opt out form that parents can use.  Read the cover letter with the information you need and please consider using the opt out form to protect your children from this offensive material.  Click here to access both.

Also, listen to my recent interview with Sharon Slater, president of Family Watch International and co-chair of the Protect Child Health Coalition.

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