August 30, 2018


Additional Information About US Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh


Confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh are scheduled to begin next week.  Millions of documents have been demanded by Democrats and turned over. Seems like the main reason Democrats oppose Judge Kavanaugh is simply because President Trump nominated him – not a very good reason!

However, here is some additional information to consider.  Recently I interviewed Phillip Jauregui, President of the Judicial Action Group, and he presented some of his own concerns.

Listen to that interview here   You can read the letter referenced in the interview here

Action Steps

The nomination of Judge Kavanaugh has created a divide among conservatives.  This alert is simply to provide you with additional information to consider during this nomination debate.  More than likely Senator Bob Casey, Jr. will vote against Kavanaugh simply because he’s a Trump nominee.  If after listening to the interview and reading JAG’s letter you want to contact Senator Pat Toomey, his numbers are as follows:

DC Office:  202-224-4254

Contact the district office nearest you.  (Sometimes this will make a greater impact because they are not used to receiving a volume of calls.):

Allentown Lehigh Valley: (610) 434-1444
Erie: (814) 453-3010
Harrisburg: (717) 782-3951
Johnstown: (814) 266-5970
Philadelphia: (215) 241-1090
Pittsburgh: (412) 803-3501
Wilkes-Barre: (570) 820-4088

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