September 7, 2018


Legislative Session Only Has a Few Days Left


The 2017-2018 session in Harrisburg is finally winding down.  In fact, the State Senate only has ten scheduled session days left – three in September, six in October and one in November.  The State House has thirteen session days left – five in September, seven in October and one in November.  Of those days four will be non-voting days.  The State House will be back in session on September 12th and the State Senate on the 24th.  There are still dangerous bills out there such as would allow for early voting, allow students who identify as transgender to be able to use the facilities they choose and others yet to take away the right of Pennsylvanians to vote for judges.  There are also good bills that need to advance such as HB 2050   which would protect unborn babies that have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and HR 766 – 769 – resolutions to impeach the four PA Supreme Court Justices that overturned PA’s congressional map and imposed their map on Pennsylvania.

Action Steps

Let your State Senator and State Rep know you are praying for them as they head back to Harrisburg and work through the remainder of this session.

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