September 8, 2016


Still an NFL Fan?


Other NFL players have now joined Colin Kaepernick in not standing during the National Anthem.  Some have defended these actions as protected under the First Amendment, but is that factual?  Actually federal law (Title 36, Section 301) outlines how one is to respond to the playing of the National Anthem!  Check it out   Note that all are required to stand at the playing of the National Anthem.   By the way, this same section confirms that our National Motto is “In God We Trust.”  Perhaps that fact should be pointed out to President Obama and a certain Democrat who is running for President!

So, why doesn’t the NFL discipline these players?  The organization has fined players for much less.  Here are a few examples:

excessive profanity — $11,025

Kicking or throwing a football into the stands — $5,512

Uniform violations can range anywhere from  $5,512 to $8,268.  These violations can include wearing the wrong color socks or the wrong t-shirt under your uniform.

Click here for more info and action steps.

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