February 17, 2010

Issues  (check corresponding number in ‘Details’ and ‘Action’ Sections)

1.)    Mandate to Save America

2.)    Stimulus – One Year Later

3.)    Pay As You Go – What a Joke!


1.)    In 1776 56 leaders gathered together in Philadelphia to pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor as they signed the Declaration of Independence.  Can we do any less in our effort to restore America to her godly heritage?  Do we have a mandate to step forward?

2.)     Today is the one year anniversary of President Obama signing the $787 billion Recovery Act.  At the signing he stated, “I expect to be judged by results and … I’m not going to make any excuses. If stuff hasn’t worked and people don’t feel like I’ve led the country in the right direction, then — you’ll have a new president.”  Well, he’s not on the ballot this year, but just how successful has the stimulus been?  Even though the President promised the unemployment rate would not exceed 8%, it reached over 10% and now stands at 9.7%.  Our nation faces the largest budget deficit in her history — $12.3 trillion.  If anything has been “stimulated” by the Recovery Act, it has been the size of the federal government.  According to the President it will grow to 2.15 million federal employees this year, the largest in US history.   Last month U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue warned the U.S. faces a double-dip recession because of the taxes and regulations under consideration by the Democratic Congress and President Barack Obama.

3.)     Last Friday the President signed a “Pay-as you go” bill, efforts are currently being made to bypass this law!  The Democrats want to forego the ‘pay-as-you-go’ regulations to fund a portion of their second stimulus bill – oops ‘jobs bill’!  The six-month extensions of the unemployment and COBRA benefits made up roughly a third of the House Democrats’ $154 billion jobs package.   They are declaring these extensions an ‘emergency,’ thus they don’t have to figure out how to pay for them before implementing them.  What family budget can operate like this?

Action Steps

1.)  Sign the Mandate to Save America by clicking here.

2.)  On December 16th the House passed its ‘jobs’ bill by a vote of 217 to 212.  Actually the “Jobs for Main Street Act, 2010” was added as an amendment to the Departments of Commerce and Justice, and Science appropriations bill – HR 2847.  Click here to see how your Congressman voted on this bill and other important issues. They are being very careful not to label it as a ‘Stimulus II,” but that is what it is.  It is now in the Senate.  Contact Senators Specter and Casey and let them know how you feel about this second stimulus bill.

3.)  So does ‘pay-as-you-go’ really mean more fiscal responsibility on the part of Congress or do the exemptions simply make it another effort to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans?  That’s a question that our US Senators and Congressmen need to be asked!

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