September 9, 2021


Tell Senators Casey and Toomey to Oppose This Radical Nominee


Remember Barak Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan?  Well, President Biden has nominated the woman who served as Duncan’s Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the US Department of Education to fill that same capacity in his administration.  Of course, Duncan recently wrote an op-ed praising the choice saying “she is the most experienced nominee in the history of the Office.”  But just what is Catherine Lhamon really known for among conservatives who care about real equality and fairness?

She was the one behind Obama’s 2016 “Dear Colleague” letter directed at schools which threatened to withhold funding if they did not comply.  Here’s some of what that letter mandated:

  • Schools must allow biological males who identify as female in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms
  • If a gender-confused students wants to treated as the opposite sex, schools must ignore school records and comply with the confused students demands.
  • Schools must allow biological boys who identify as girls to play on girls’ sports teams and even allow them to stay in the same rooms with girls during away games that require an overnight stay. 

Christian colleges and universities which requested waivers in order to be exempted from the demands of the Obama administration’s LGBTQ agenda found themselves on a list on the US Department of Education’s website.  Requesting a waiver based on religious beliefs is perfectly legal, but Lhamon was determined to let the world — and every LGBTQ activist group out there — know which schools had requested the waivers!

Action Steps

Placing Catherine Lhamon back in this position of power would pose a great danger to students across the country and her confirmation must be opposed!  Contact Senator Bob Casey, Jr. and Senator Pat Toomey by clicking here and ask them to oppose the confirmation of Catherine Lhamon.

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