May 29, 2013


Thank Congressman Joe Pitts


Last Friday Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) sent a Congressional Letter to Eric Holder in support of the Romeike family.  It was also signed by 26 of his colleagues, including Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Pitts.  Remember the Romeike family had been persecuted in Germany because they were homeschooling their five children.  They moved to the US,  settled in Kentucky and received initial asylum.  However,  the Obama Administration through Attorney General Eric Holder, challenged it and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals backed the Administration.

The Romeikes face deportation and, upon returning to Germany,  the government may take their five children.  FYI – Adolph Hitler is the one who passed the “No Homeschooling Law” and it has never been revoked.

Action Steps

Thank Congressman Pitts for joining 26 of his colleagues in signing the letter to Attorney General Holder in support of the Romeike family which faces losing their five children to German authorities if forced by the Obama Administration to return to their homeland.

Click here for his contact form.     He’s also on Twitter — @RepJoePitts

Message to copy and paste into the contact form or write your own:  Thank you, Congressman Pitts, for signing onto Representative Marlin Stutuzman’s letter in support of the Romeike family which faces deportation back to Germany and religious persecution under its anti-homeschooling law.  When they left Germany, the parents were facing hefty fines and the government threat of a lien on their home simply because they wanted to homeschool.  In January 2010 a federal immigration judge granted the Romeike’s asylum, however in May 2012 the Obama Administration revoked the asylum seeking to deport the family.  On May 14, 2013 the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals backed the Administration. But that decision is WRONG!  Thank you for taking a stand for this family which simply seeks freedom to educate their children as they feel God would have them do.

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