December 3,  2013


The Most Conservative Member of the General Assembly is Under Attack


State Representative Daryl Metcalfe is viewed as the most conservative member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and because of that he is usually under attack by liberals in both parties.  However, attacks from the Left have intensified and become personal — an increasingly common tactic of the Left.  Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa of Allegheny County and the Attorney General have led the attacks.

Here’s a little of what Representative Metcalfe stands for:  he’s fought against all tax increases; has introduced bills to ban teacher strikes;  he is pro-second amendment; has introduced a strong two-part Marriage Protection Amendment the past two legislative sessions;  has introduced a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Kathleen Kane for not defending our Defense of Marriage Act;  he recently introduced the Whole Women’s Health Funding Priorities Act.  You get the idea.  However, it was his introduction of the impeachment resolution that caused the latest personal attacks.

This is what he said in his most recent “Metcalfe Minute:”

“My call for her impeachment elicited a reaction from her and the Senate Democrat minority leader that were both unexpected and unprofessional. Their actions fit the liberal play book of personal destruction politics.

The Attorney General released a press statement insinuating that I am a bully. Then the Senate minority leader used his time on the Senate floor to attack my reputation, calling me a bully over and over again. I have recently been informed that a third telephone call has been received by area residents from someone accusing me of being a bully.”

Action Steps

1.)  Go to Representative Metcalfe’s website here and watch him use the “Personal Privilege” component of the rules of the House to defend his reputation against the attack leveled at him from the Senate floor.  Note his 2 1/2 minute speech took over ten minutes because of objections raised by House Democrats.

2.)  Go to our ACTION CENTER to thank Representative Metcalfe for his courage in standing strong under these attacks and for his vow to not be silenced even in light of these attacks.

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