January 3, 2023


Today is the Day!


Today new and returning members of the PA State House and State Senate will be sworn in to begin their term.  Thus, the new legislative session begins and we must ask, “What perils does it hold?”

We already know members of one particular party in the General Assembly are circulating co-sponsorship memos that would require universal pre-K, help illegals get a driver’s license, offer grants to those who identify as transgender to change their name on legal documents, enshrine abortion in PA’s constitution, and to protect nurses who provide abortions.  On the other hand, there are efforts to protect parental rights and require an audit of elections.

From Capitol wire: “Lawmakers are scheduled to elect a new speaker this afternoon and Republicans hold a 101-99 edge with three vacancies in districts won by Democrats in November. Barring a surprise deal, Republicans seem poised to elect one of their members as speaker, at least for the time being. The results of the special elections to fill those vacancies will likely mean that any Republican who takes the rostrum won’t be there long.”

Remember in November State Rep Tony DeLuca won re-election, even though he had passed away in October.  Austin Davis won re-election, but also won the Lt. Governor slot; Summer Lee won her re-election to the State House also, but won her Congressional race for the new 12th congressional district.  The latter two will be sworn into their new respective positions.  Upcoming special elections will fill the three slots in districts with a majority of Democrat voters. 

Action Steps  

Pray for these upcoming national and state legislative sessions. 

Do you know who your State Rep, State Senator and Congressional Representatives are?  If not, click here and enter your address for that information.  

Do you have a copy of the PA Constitution?  You can obtain a free copy from your State Rep or State Senator; give them a call and request one. 


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