February 1, 2023


Two Bad Judicial Nominees to Be Voted On


President Joe Biden continues nominating leftist for the federal bench.

1st Circuit:  Julie Rikelman –

  • As recently as August 2022, she served as the Senior Director of U.S. Litigation for the Center for Reproductive Rights
  • represented abortionists in court on several occasions, most recently in the Dobbs case where you argued against a Mississippi law protecting babies from abortion after 15 weeks gestation
  • She stated, “…abortion has been critical to women’s equal participation in society”, falsely claiming abortion had been part of American history since its founding.

11th Circuit:  Nancy Abudu

  • Strategic Litigation Director for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
  • Refused to answer questions about her involvement with the SPLC’s known history of ‘judge-shopping”
  • Supports abolishing the Senate filibuster
  • supports the idea of “preclearance,” which would require certain states to get approval from the Department of Justice before they can enact election integrity laws

The vote on them may come as early as Thursday, February 2!

Action Steps

Contact Senators Casey and Fetterman and ask them to vote “NO” on these two nominees.  They need to know their constituents’ views.

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