October 22, 2015


Judicial Voter Guides Available


The all-important election on November 3rd is quickly approaching! The only state wide races are for three open seats on the PA Supreme Court, one open seat on Superior Court and one on the Commonwealth Court.   There will be a special election in Allegheny County for the 37th Senatorial District and there will be many local elections.   Peters Township in Washington County is also in the 37th Senatorial District.

The AFA of PA contacted each of the judicial candidates and the candidates for the 37th Senatorial District.   If they did not respond, we did our own investigation to try to provide you with as much information as possible. Judicial candidates tend to be leery about answering voter guide questions; but as you can see, our questions are simply trying to ascertain the candidate’s judicial philosophy.  If there are simply question marks after their name, check page 2 for the organizations or individuals who have endorsed the candidate.. That can tell the whole story right there!

This Judicial Voter Guide November 2015 is designed as a bulletin insert. It is non-partisan and can be used by 501 (c)(3) organizations such as churches.

Action Steps

Check out the responses of the Supreme Court Candidates:

Judge Anne Covey Responses

Judge Judy Olson Responses

Judge Paul Panepinto Responses

Check out the response from the one Commonwealth Court Candidate we heard from:

Paul Lalley Responses

Allegheny and Washington County residents who live in the 37th Senatorial District check out the non-partisan 37th Senatorial District Voter Guide. Make sure you check out the ones who have endorsed these candidates! This is also designed as a bulletin insert suitable for a 501 (c)(3) organization like a church to use.

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