April 20, 2021


Will They be Silent in Your Child’s School?


Friday, April 23rd is the “Day of Silence”.  That is a day when LGBTQ students and their allies, including teachers, take a vow of silence “to protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ people in schools.”   That description is according to the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), but it is so much more!

Being a student in school is tough and the AFA of PA believes schools should provide a safe learning environment for all students, but as we’ve seen across the nation too many schools are going overboard to normalize the homosexual, transgender, bisexual, non-binary and whatever other sexual orientation they can create.  Special school board polices with sexual orientation/gender identity language have been passed in many schools.   Boys who identify as girls are permitted in the girls’ bathrooms, locker and shower rooms.  Students who complain about these new policies are harassed, called bigots, homophobes and worse, until they are bullied into silence. 

In the past, GLSEN posted the names of all the schools that were participating, but that is no longer the case.  So, parents and taxpayers have to make inquiries to their child’s school.  It is supposed to be ‘student-led,’ GLSEN provides the Day of Silence leaders with instructions on how to participate, guides, graphics, legal help and other resources.  This year’s Day of Silence partners include Eating Recovery Center, Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center, Hollister and State Farm. 

Action Steps

Contact your child’s school and ask the principal if students and/or teachers will be permitted to remain silent during instructional time.  If your school has a Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSA) or some type of ‘diversity’ club, then the chances are greater that they will be organizing some sort of Day of Silence activities or presentations. Do NOT ask if the school is participating in the Day of Silence.  Their answer will be ‘no’ because it is not an official school function.   

If you receive an affirmative answer, then strongly consider pulling your kids out of school that day — be sure to let the principal know why!

Taxpayers should also be concerned about this and contact their local school district to ask what is taking place during the taxpayer-funded school day on April 23rd

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