News From Around PA

1.) Civil rights complaint under Title IX filed against the University of Pennsylvania due to their allowing transgender Lia Thomas to continue swimming on women’s swim team.

2.) USA Today lists transgender Dr. “Rachel” Levine among its Women of the Year

3.) Lt. Governor candidate State Rep Brian Sims has been rebuffed by the state Democrats and the LGBTQ community.

4.) Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offers “transgender services” to children.

News From National Scene

1.) Biden’s Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar does not use the word “fetus” during oral arguments in the Mississippi 15 week abortion ban case. Will her use of the word “baby” instead help the overall pro-life movement?

2.) It appears that President Biden’s executive order banning Russian oil will not impact the federal government!

3.) The US House has nothing better to do than pass a bill about hair!

4.) Citigroup has started covering the travel expenses of employees who want an abortion.

5.) Planned Parenthood passed out ice cream and condoms in Austin, TX

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