News from Around PA

1.) LGBTQ activists are upset with the Philadelphia 76ers!

2.) Governor Tom Wolf has signed HB 103 into law, over the objections of LGBTQ activists.

3.) TD Bank has donated $500,000 to a program that performs irreversible so-called “gender change” procedures on minors.  Do you bank there?

News From National Scene

1.) After mid-term elections, at least 10 percent of California legislators openly identify as LGBTQ

2.) Geneva Consensus Declaration on Promoting Women’s Health and Strengthening the Family  declares there is no international “right” to abortion. Thirty-seven countries have signed on. Is the US one of them?

3.) In October Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar  asked the National Institutes of Health to explore the scientific research behind so-called “Gender Affirming Care”. They have finally “answered”.

4.) A federal judge in Washington state has tossed a lawsuit by Seattle Pacific University. a Free Methodist USA school, seeking to stop a state inquiry into the school’s hiring practices that block LGBTQ individuals from full-time roles.

5.) Mediocre male cross-country runner at Seattle Academy is now a conference champion – running as a female!

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