News from Around PA

1.) Effort to include abortion in Commonwealth insurance plans.

2.) Bryn Mawr College has rolled out a 59-point Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Action Plan

3.) PA Freedom Caucus is going to legally challenge Governor Shapiro’s voter registration overreach.

4.) Texas Congressman Chip Roy introduced an amendment to prevent taxpayer dollars from funding drag queen shows on military bases. PA Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick voted to defeat it.

5.) 21-year-old social media influencer is arrested amid Philly riots, while shouting “Free iPhones”.

News From National Scene

1.) Biden Administration announces new rule for foster care agencies and parents to affirm gender confusion or else.

2.) Leaked Department of Veterans Affairs leaked training video exposes their woke mindset.

3.) 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Tennessee and Kentucky laws banning so-called gender affirming care.

4.) Princeton University announces a “Drag University” program.

5.) Polk County, FL arrests 219 people during a human trafficking sting.

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