News from Around PA

1.) A Colonial School District (Montgomery County) board member has resigned

2.) The American Ornithological Society plans to review the names of birds that bear the names of those they deem as racist. This will potentially impact dozens of birds that call PA their home.

3.) Governor Josh Shapiro will appeal the Commonwealth Court decision saying PA cannot be forced to enter the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) through executive action.

4.) Pennridge School District (Bucks County) is being sued because the passage of several “anti-LGBTQ and anti-diversity” policies.

News From National Scene

1.) US Census Bureau requested $10 million to study how best to word a question for the survey asking Americans about their gender identity.

2.) South Carolina Supreme Court upheld the state’s heartbeat bill.

3.) A Nevada judge has blocked a pro-abortion ballot initiative because of its misleading language.

4.) Experts say the new APA textbook “Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care” could harm million of children.

5.) Michigan school district says Christmas is too white and too Christian and forbids teachers to erect Christmas trees or use traditional Christmas colors, but instead must utilize racist materials in classrooms.

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