News From Around PA

1.) Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs in Philadelphia looking for a directly and deputy directory.

2.) Complaint filed against the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia claiming discrimination based on sexual orientation.

3.) State employee suing the state because the state’s health insurance provider took two years to decide to cover “his” double mastectomy.

4.) SB 212 would ban LGBT-panic defense in criminal cases.

News From National Scene

1.) All Democrats vote against declaring unborn babies homo sapiens.

2.) Arizona trying to keep children out of “pronoun wars.”

3.) Virginia Democrat wants to enshrine a right to abortion in that state’s constitution.

4.) Department of Homeland Security will share citizenship info with Census Bureau.

5.) Nebraska Governor attacked by the Freedom From Religion Foundation for declaring a statewide day of prayer to end abortion.

6.) According to the Trump Administration, the Equal Rights Amendment is officially dead!

7.) 38% increase in male on male sexual assault within the military.

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