News From Around PA

1.) Chambersburg (Franklin County) has passed a so-called anti-discrimination law with ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ language which impacts employment, housing and public accommodations and opens women’s bathrooms to men who think they are women.

2.) School District of Philadelphia and Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence partnered together to hold the district’s first “pride” celebration.

3.) PA School Boards Association’s Governing Board has voted unanimously to cancel its membership in the National School Boards Association.

4.) PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro has announced his run for governor in 2022.

News From National Scene

1.) Loudoun County, VA school district is trying hard to cover-up the sexual assault charges that have been leveled at a boy wearing a dress.

2.) DC Comics has announced the new Superman will be bisexual.

3.) California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a law that requires large retail stores to offer some toys in gender-neutral sections.

4.) A bill requiring public school athletes compete on teams that correspond with their biological sex now goes to Texas Governor Abbott’s desk for his signature.

5.) Burlington High School in Vermont held a drag show during their homecoming halftime show.

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