News From Around PA

1.) AFA of PA has added a list of endorsements by organizations and individuals of candidates for US Senate, Governor and Lt. Governor. You can access the list here

2.) Officers of the University of the Arts Queer, Trans and Non-Binary Club in Philly held their first queer prom.

3.) Philly will be celebrating John Fryer Day on May 2nd.

News From National Scene

1.) Some members of the US House held a special order hour to discuss how faith and prayer impacted their lives.

2.) On the heels of Elon Musk acquiring Twitter, the Department of Homeland Security has announced the formation of the Ministry of Truth . . . oops we mean the “Disinformation Governance Board”.

3.) Oklahoma superintendent of public instruction has told the Stillwater School District that they must adhere to the Biden Administration’s “guidance” on transgender students. Parents are livid.

4.) Shawnee State University in Ohio must pay professor they forced to use the incorrect pronouns when addressing a student who identifies as transgender. The settlement: $400,000!

5.) The US Census Bureau will use $10M for “critical research” to figure out how to be more inclusive of LGBTQ citizens when creating census surveys.

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