News From Around PA  

1.) Democrats hold seats in special elections in State House races for 114th and 190th districts.

2.) Female student at Honesdale High School sues over boy in girls’ locker room

3.) Lehigh University not willing to say how much faculty “Be Well” program is costing.

4.) Social Justice, LGBTQ equity program to be presented at the Hershey Story Museum on March 25th

5.) Special elections to be held to fill the seats vacated by the resignations of State Senator Don White and Rich Alloway.

News From National Scene

1.) Indiana joins 5 other states in adding a third gender designation on drivers’ licenses.

2.) Iowa Supreme Court tells state they must pay for “sex reassignment surgeries” of Medicaid recipients.

3.) 6th Circuit Court of Appeals says Ohio can withhold $1.5 million annually from abortion providers.

4.) Pentagon has new transgender policy.

5.) South Carolina Senate passes REACH Act.

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