News From Around PA

1.) Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1) joins Democrats in voting for two gun control bills.

2.) A lesbian former assistant director of music and worship at St. Joseph’s University in Philly is appealing the dismissal of her anti-bias case against the school.

3.) Philly Trans March’s panel included David , Mx Philadelphia Leather.

4.) LGBTQ advocates want PA to include sexual orientation and gender identity questions when someone seeks a COVID vaccine.

News From National Scene

1.) Twenty million child sexual abuse images appeared on Facebook in 2020.

2.) Muchinson, TX became the 22nd Sanctuary for the Unborn city

3.) ACLU launches petition drive to urge President Biden to issue executive order giving “trans, non-binary and gender nonconforming people access to accurate IDs.”

4.) US Department of Education suspends racial discrimination investigation started by Trump Administration.

5.) Taxpayers will now pay for sex-reassignment surgeries for transgender veterans and those on active duty.

6.) Newly signed COVID relief bill forces taxpayers to pay for abortions and prevents states from cutting taxes.

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