News From Around PA

1.) Valley Forge Park to discuss Revolutionary War General von Steuben and his supposed ‘gay’ identity

2.) Meadville (Crawford County) will hold GayDay

3.) Haverford College (Delaware County) changes speech code to be more draconian

4.) More warnings about the PA Power Library

News From National Scene

1.) Wisconsin governor announces “gender-neutral” parent options on birth certificates.

2.) DC and Mayor Muriel Bowser must pay Capitol Hill Baptist Church $220,000 for restrictive COVID guidelines.

3.) Dr. Anthony Fauci has ties to experiments at the University of California-San Francisco that involve aborted baby body parts.

4.) US Supreme Court refuses to hear Barronelle Stutzman case.

5.) Disney’s 4th of July fireworks greeting become gender neutral

6.) New passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad will now offer option for those who believe they are neither male nor female.

7.) US Air Force Academy professor advocates for CRT at all military academies

8.) Twenty-one GOP attorneys general oppose EEOC and US Department of Education “guidance” on pronoun preference and bathroom/locker room useage.

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