June 16, 2014abortion


Louisiana Did it, Why Can’t PA? Ask Chairman Marsico to Run This Bill!


Just a few days ago Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed legislation requiring doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges within a 30 mile radius of the abortion facility. A bill has been introduced in Harrisburg, HB 1762, which would require the same thing, but the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Ron Marsico, is hesitating to run it. Here are his reason:

1.) The PA-Pro-Life Federation does not support this bill.

2.) The PA Catholic Conference does not support the bill because the PA Pro-Life Federation does not support it.

3.) The Chairman of the PA House Pro-Life Caucus, a sponsor of the bill, does not support moving the bill because the PA Pro-Life Federation does not support the bill.

The PA Pro-Life Federation’s reason not to support the bill is, if it passes there will be a likely court challenge.   So . . . what’s new!! All the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and other abortion supporters have to do is make our side THINK there MAY be a court challenge and we don’t even try??   Let’s not forget that just last November the United States Supreme Court upheld Texas’ admitting privileges and allowed the law to go into effect.

Action Steps

Please call AND email these legislators with this message –   “Bring HB 1762 up for a vote ASAP”:

  • Rep. Mike Turzai
    Pa. House Majority Leader
    717-772-9943 or his district office 412-369-2230
  • Rep. Ron Marsico
    Pa. House Judiciary Committee
    717-783-2014 or his district office 717-652-3721
  • Rep. Jerry Stern
    Pa. House Pro-Life Caucus
    717-787-9020 or district office 814-695-2398
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