October 29, 2013


Vote on Dangerous Judicial Nominee in the Senate


October 30th may prove the tipping point for the DC Circuit Court, if one of President Obama’s radical activist nominees is confirmed.  Currently the DC Circuit, considered the second highest court in the land, is evenly split between liberals and conservative judges.  President Obama seeks to move this court to the left through his nomination of activist judges.  Apparently he thought some would view his nominations as “hacks” when he made the announcement in June and then immediately went on the defensive.    This court has a very light work load and can perform quite well without additional judges seated.

The attorneys general of Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas sent a letter to the Senate Monday expressing their “serious concerns” about Obama’s ongoing effort to appoint new judges to the D.C. Circuit.  Often, this court is responsible for resolving critically important cases involving the separation of powers, the role of government, the rights of federal officials, and the decisions of a vast array of administrative agencies.

Patricia Ann Millett is just such an activist nominee and the confirmation vote in the full Senate may come as early as October 30th.  Here are some examples of her liberal philosophy:

a.)  Millett lobbied for confirmation of several of Obama’s most activist nominations including Caitlin Halligan, Edward DuMont, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.  Millett has written no letters supporting moderate or mainstream judicial nominations.

b.)  Millett argues that the question of “gay marriage” should not turn on the text of the Constitution but on some malleable theory of “Fundamental Fairness.”

c.)  Millett suggested that the Supreme Court should have a certain “look” and that gender should play a role in the selection of justices.

d.)  Millett fails to apply the text of the First Amendment by calling the Christian Legal Society an “exclusionary group”  because of its rule that members of the Christian group be Christians.

Action Steps

1.)  Click here to listen to my interview with Phillip Jauregui with the Judicial Action Group as we discuss Obama’s dangerous nominees to the DC Circuit Court

2.)  Go to our ACTION CENTER and contact Senators Bob Casey, Jr. and Pat Toomey asking them to vote against the confirmation of Patricia Ann Millett.

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