October 25, 2013


General Election is November 5th


Election Day is fast approaching once again.  This is considered an ‘off year’ election since there are no federal or state legislative races;  HOWEVER, there is never an off year election!  All elections are important to us and the future of our nation.  On November 5th, in addition to local races, we will be voting whether to retain two PA Supreme Court justices and two Superior Court judges.  We will also be voting to add another Superior Court judge to serve a 10 year term.  Go here for Judges Info for General Election 2013

October 29th is the last day you can apply for an absentee ballot, so if you or someone you know will not be in their precinct to vote on November 5th, you will need an absentee ballot.  First you will need to fill out an absentee ballot application, click here for a copy to print off.   The application  must be received by your County Courthouse by October 29th, then you will receive the absentee ballot.  This absentee ballot must be returned to your County Courthouse no later than closing on November 1st.   For  information to directly contact your County Courthouse, click here.

Action Steps

Be an educated voter and don’t forget to vote!  Encourage others to vote.  Offer to take an elderly neighbor or family member to their polling place.

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