October 22, 2013


Will Corbett Follow Chris Christie on Marriage Issue?


The two authors of a same-sex “marriage” bill in the State House, HB 1686, are asking Governor Corbett to drop his defense of the Pennsylvania Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).    Open homosexual State Rep Brian Sims and co-author State Rep Steve McCarter want Governor Corbett to follow in the footstep of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in forsaking the fight for one man one woman biological marriage.

Christie’s decision follows on the heels of that state’s Supreme Court unanimously deciding not to grant a stay in allowing same-sex ‘marriage’ to begin yesterday.  Christie had appealed the decision and the court was to hear the arguments in January.  He withdrew his appeal – thus walking away from the fight for marriage and family.   Sims and McCarter want Corbett to do the same thing.

Action Steps

Go to our ACTION CENTER to contact Governor Corbett and ask him to continue his defense of Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act.  The Governor can also be contacted directly at or phone 717-787-2500.


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