July 12, 2023


Let Senators Casey and Fetterman Know You Support Senator Tuberville


Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) remains committed to block the Pentagon nominees for generals and flag officers because of the new Pentagon policy which provides paid leave and reimbursement costs for travel for servicemembers who cross state lines to get an abortion.   Senator Tuberville says it violates the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds from paying for abortions.

This is typically a routine process of confirming hundreds of military nominations at once known as unanimous consent. With Senator Tuberville’s hold in place, the Senate would need to take each nomination to the floor for an individual vote.  (NOTE:  Like maybe they should look at each individual nominee and not just rubber stamp them!!)

Pressure from both sides of the aisle is mounting to get Senator Tuberville to drop his efforts. Those who want “to move on” are accusing him of endangering national security, but the Senator noted in a recent op ed:  “Acting officials are in each one of the positions that are due for a promotion.  The hold affects only those at the very top — generals and flag officers. The people who actually fight are not affected at all.”

Senator Tuberville says he will let the promotions move forward on two conditions:  the policy is made into law or it is dropped.   “If Democrats can’t pass legislation to authorize the abortion policy, then it shouldn’t be the policy.”

Action Steps

Thank Senator Tuberville for his efforts to stop this new Pentagon policy by calling his DC office at 202-224-4124 or using his contact form  here

Let Senators Bob Casey, Jr. and John Fetterman know you support Senator Tuberville’s efforts to end the Pentagon abortion policy by clicking here

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