January 5, 2021


Senator Josh Hawley Has Challenged Senator Toomey to a D . . .


 . . . ebate on the Senate floor over irregularities in the presidential election.   Senator Hawley (R-MO) is one of twelve Senators who have said they will refuse to certify the Electoral College votes unless there is “an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states.”  On January 6th these Senators will seek election integrity and vote to “reject the electors from disputed states as not regularly given and lawfully certified.” 

Senator Pat Toomey, who was one of a handful of Republicans who publicly congratulated Joe Biden after he was projected by the mainstream media to be the winner, has said no evidence of fraud exists.  He opposes any effort on the part of his fellow Senators to oppose the election results, claiming they are attempting to “overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. . . .”    Remember these Senators’ effort is to make sure only the legal votes are counted in order to determine the winner and, also remember, not one judge has looked at any of the evidence!

Saturday night Senator Hawley send an email to the Senate GOP Conference saying that Toomey was “making unfounded claims about the intentions of our fellow Senators.”  Hawley said that “very serious irregularities” have occurred on a “very large scale” during last year’s election, including in PA.   “Instead of debating the issue of election integrity by press release, conference call or e-mail, perhaps we could have a debate on the Senate floor for all of the American people to judge,” he wrote.

Even though evidence was present (and continues to mount) that election fraud occurred on November 3rd and the days following here in Pennsylvania, the PA Secretary of State certified the election results.  This same Secretary of State ignored the law and extended by three days the time frame a mail-in ballot could be returned, said signature verification was not necessary, allowed counties to not only begin inspection of ballots prior to 7:00 a.m. on election day, but encouraged counties to contact voters who had errors on their ballots. 

A more recent analysis from both Pennsylvania’s Election Day and mail-in ballots by the Data Integrity Group shows that over 432,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump in at least 15 counties.  All this disturbing evidence is cause for concern and to question the integrity of the November 3rd election.

On Sunday Pennsylvania US Representatives Guy Reschenthaler, Dan Meuser, Glenn Thompson, Mike Kelly, Lloyd Smucker, John Joyce, and Fred Keller also said they would challenge votes.

“Unfortunately, the many unlawful actions undertaken by the Pennsylvania Governor’s office, the Secretary of State, and what has been described as a rogue Pennsylvania Supreme Court exceeded and circumvented the state legislature’s clear constitutional authority,” they said in a joint statement.

Action Steps

  1.  Pray for the future of this nation.
  2. Encourage Senator Toomey to accept Senator Josh Hawley’s challenge to a debate. Click here to send your message.
  3. If your Congressman is one of the 7 who has signed the statement saying they will challenge the electoral college votes, thank them.  Here are their phone numbers:

    John Joyce  (202) 225-2431 and  814-656-6081
    Fred Keller  202-225-3731 and 570-322-3961
    Mike Kelly  (202) 225-5406 and (814) 454-8190
    Dan Meuser    202-225-6511 and (570) 871-6370
    Guy Reschenthaler    (202) 225-2065 and 724-206-4800
    Lloyd Smucker  (202) 225-2411 and (717) 969-6133
    Glenn Thompson  (202) 225-5121 and 814-419-8583
  • The two GOP Congressmen who did not sign on are Brian Fitzpatrick and Scott Perry.  If one of them is your Congressmen, you may want to ask them why.  Their numbers are: 

    Brian Fitzpatrick     (202) 225-4276  and   (215) 579-8102
    Scott Perry   (202) 225-5836  and 717-893-7868
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