October 17, 2013


Delaware County Church Takes Bold Step


On September 30th the Aldan Union Church‘s council of elders voted to terminate the Boy Scout charter they had held for 93 years!  In fact they founded Boy Scout Troop 2 and one of the church’s pastors was the first scoutmaster!! Why did they sever their ties with the Scouts?  Because of the National Council of the Boy Scout’s decision to allow boys who identify as homosexual  in as members.   The BSA change in policy will take effect on January 1st, the same day the long time association the church has had with the Boy Scouts ends.

Members of the council of elders and Pastor Paul Thompson have made it clear that they do not hate homosexuals and they, as all sinners, are welcome to attend their services.  The Aldan church has taken a  bold step in publicly upholding the concept of hating the sin but loving the sinner, a concept that homosexual activists cannot comprehend as they demand Americans not only tolerate, but celebrate their lifestyle.  Two days after the article appeared in the Delaware County Times, an editorial was published condemning the church’s decision to disassociate from an organization that has embraced a sinful lifestyle.   If this plays out as it has in so many other cases, the editorial will probably only be the beginning of the hateful attacks that will be leveled against the church.

Action Steps

Contact the church and thank them for taking this stand against an increasingly hostile world.   Encourage them to remain strong.

PHONE: (610) 259-8010
FAX: (610) 259-5665
E-mail: or email Pastor Thompson directly at

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