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Podcast: Day of the Christian Martyr; Guest: Todd Nettleton

According to church tradition, June 29 marks the martyrdom of the Apostle Paul. In 2019 the Bartlesville, Oklahoma-based Voice of the Martyrs set that day as Day of the Christian Martyr – an annual reminder of those who remained strong in the face of persecution and in the end paid the ultimate price.

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Podcast: Our Flawed Election System; Guests: Dr. David Clements and His Wife Erin

As we get closer to the presidential election in November, more and more people are concerned about election integrity and are asking the question, “Will we have a replay of November 2020?” But, of course, too many are still saying that election was the most safe and secure in our nation’s history and the outcome was legit. They are saying there’s no evidence of voter fraud, the stuffing of ballots in drop boxes, voting machine manipulation and stopping the vote count at 10:00 p.m. until the next day was perfectly normal. Oh yes, and you were just seeing things if you thought you saw the vote count for Donald Trump flip to Joe Biden on live television.

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