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Action Alert – The World Health Organization Wants to Declare Health Emergencies

The World Health Organization wants to have the authority to declare a global health emergency and set the mandates in response to their declaration. The Biden Administration is onboard with this and too many senators are saying this “accord” is not a treaty. In reality it is, even as the Paris Climate “Accord” is a treaty and the UN admits it!

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Podcast-NAIA Moves to Protect Women’s Sports; Guest: Steve McConkey

Almost on a daily basis we hear of males who identify as female playing in women’s sports. This is on all levels from high school to collegiate sports. Of course, the University of Pennsylvania is famous for Will “Lia” Thomas displacing females on the women’s swim team in order to obliterate women’s records. The NCAA continues its misguided policies allowing such to continue, but there is one bright spot for women playing college sports if they are attending one of 241 colleges across the country.

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Do you believe the two treaties being proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) are a good idea or an attempt by the globalist to advance their One World Order agenda?

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