Blog Post – From Transgender to Transracial to ??

By now we’ve all heard the story of Rachel Dolezal, President of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP, who was only pretending to be black. For ten years she got away with the charade, but with the discovery that she was a white woman who only identified as black the NAACP fired her.  Now two years later she has written a book “In Full Color” which explains that the question of race isn’t as straight forward as some might think. That’s news to most Americans!!

Dolezal now identifies as “trans-black.”   Dolezal told PIX11-TV, “Trans-black then acknowledges that you were born white, right? And that was everybody’s problem with the situation – it was that I was a surprise, that I had been born to white parents. And people felt like I hadn’t acknowledged that.”

In her eyes, she has become a victim complaining that the 2015 revelation has prevented her from finding steady work since she has now been portrayed as “a con and a fraud and a liar.”

She concludes, “I hope that even if people don’t understand or agree with my identity that we can agree to disagree because it is just my person life and maybe we can rally around ideals of social justice, freedom and equity and that’s really the work that I want to get back to doing.”

Ms Dolezal said race is “less biological than gender” and said the term “transracial” is a useful term to describe how race should be considered in the future.

Recently a Florida man who was born white acknowledged he identified as Filipino.  He told WTSP news, “I’d watch the History Channel, sometimes for hours… you know, nothing else intrigued me more but things about Filipino culture.”

He went on to say he grew up enjoying the culture of the Philippines before coming to the realization that he was transracial.  “Whenever I’m around the music, around the food, I feel like I’m in my own skin”

In addition to the above lunacy, we now have:

  • transpecies: a man who believes he is a dog named Boomer.  (These confused people even have a label — furries!)
  • transabled: A woman who blinded herself so her mind would be in harmony with her body
  • trans-age: a grown married man and father of seven left his wife and children to begin identifying as a six year-old girl. He says he doesn’t want to live as an adult any longer and has a new family which is totally comfortable with his confusion!
  • A 31 year-old man gets his greatest pleasure from wearing a diaper, drinking from his bottle and sucking on his pacifier. He sleeps in an oversized crib and even found a “mommy” online who helps “take care” of him.

Where does all this end or since the transgender door has been opened will it end?  Will individuals now be permitted to identify by whatever age, sex, race, species they want?  Where is truth or has truth been thrown into the dustbin of history?  How with this lunacy impact existing laws?  How will a white woman who identifies as black respond to questions about race on her driver’s license?  How about identifying as the sex that one believes he or she is even though their biological sex is the exact opposite?  (Laws have already been changed to accommodate this.  Pennsylvania is one of those states which now allows transgenders to change the sex designation on their drivers’ licenses!) Don’t these changes open all sorts of security risks in a nation that is supposed to be on heightened alert for terrorist attacks?  Oh, and by the way, should Boomer be forced to purchase a dog license or end up in the pound?


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