January 5, 2024 —

Joe Biden v George Washington

President Joe Biden is scheduled to be in Valley Forge today.   I guess he’s attempting to claim he’s another George Washington leading the country through trying times.   Joe Biden is NOT George Washington!  Let’s do a little comparison:

  II Samuel 23:3 says, “He that rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.”

  • When George Washington was about 20 years old, he filled a 24-page manuscript book with prayers.  Here’s one of them:  “Direct my thoughts, words and work, wash away my sins in the immaculate Blood of the Lamb, and purge my heart by Thy Holy Spirit . . . daily frame me more and more into the likeness of Thy Son Jesus Christ.” 
  • George Washington and the other Founding Fathers fully believed their defeat of the British was only through God’s intervention on their behalf.  There were too  many miracles to ignore.
  • President Joe Biden consistently fails to even mention God in his Thanksgiving and Christmas proclamations.

When you were in school  – back when they taught real history – did you ever hear the story of George Washington confessing to chopping down a cherry tree because he could not lie?  Well . . . Joe Biden’s reputation for not being “totally truthful” goes back for decades and continues to this day.

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