December 30, 2023


Two Days Left in 2023!


As the new year approaches rest assured the AFA of PA will continue the fight to protect children – both inside and outside their mother’s womb; we will continue the fight to expose the dangers of sexually explicit books in school libraries and the dangers of ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ (DEI); we will continue to fight for parental rights and to encourage Christians to become involved. 

The upcoming year holds important elections to determine who the next US President will be, control of the US House and US Senate and control of the General Assembly.  The AFA of PA will once again provide voter guides (designed as bulletin inserts) for most of these races.

2024 will be a very challenging year!

Thank you for your prayer and financial support throughout 2023.  Without your involvement, we could not do what we do!

Action Steps

Please consider making an end-of-year donation to help the AFA of PA start off the new year strong.   You can give online  here

Click here to read our news release concerning the death of Dr. Don Wildmon, founder of the national American Family Association.     

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