Blog Post  – World AIDS Day

On April 24, 1980, the CDC identified San Francisco resident Ken Home as the first patient of the AIDS epidemic in the US, although at that point it was called “GRID” for gay-related immune deficiency.”  A group of homosexuals met in Washington, DC in 1982 to petition the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to change the name from GRID to AIDS as, according to them, there is no evidence that the disease is related to homosexuality.

Let’s look at some stats:

According to the CDC there were an estimated 38,500 new HIV infections in 2015 (An HIV infection usually leads to AIDS.)   The breakdown is as follows:

3,400 (9%) among people who inject drugs

8,800 (23%) among heterosexuals

26,200 (68%) among gay and bisexual men

In 2016 39,782 people received an HIV diagnoses, broken down thus:

10,223 Black, male-to-male sexual contact

7,425 Hispanic/Latino, male-to-male sexual contact

7,390 White, male-to-male sexual contact

4,189 Black women, heterosexual contact

1,926 Black men, heterosexual contact

1,032 White women, heterosexual contact

1,025 Hispanic/Latina women, heterosexual contact

In the year 2016, 14,740 of those diagnoses were among 20-29 year-olds!  The next highest group was 30-39 year-olds with 9,943 diagnoses.

In 2015 there were 34,233 people living with HIV in Pennsylvania.  Of that number 48.3% were black, 16.4% were Hispanic and 30.0% were white – 71.7 percent were male and 28.3% were female.    There were 1,150 new HIV diagnosis in 2016.   Approximately 18,976 people are living with HIV in Philadelphia.

Federal funding for HIV has increased significantly over the course of the epidemic, rising from just a few hundred thousand in FY 1982 to more than $32 billion in FY 2017. This growth has been driven primarily by increased spending on mandatory domestic care and treatment programs, as more people are living with HIV in the United States.”

Let’s do a comparison.  The ten most common causes of death in the United States are

1st heart disease (611,105 deaths in 2013)

2nd cancer (584,881 deaths in 2013)

3rd Chronic lung diseases (149,2015 deaths in 2013)

4th Stroke (128,978 deaths in 2013)

5th Alzheimer’s Disease (84,767 deaths in 2013)

6th diabetes  (75,578 deaths in 2013)

7th Influenza and pneumonia (56,979 deaths in 2013)

8th Chronic kidney disease (47,112 deaths in 2013)

9th Septicemia (38,156 deaths in 2013)

10th Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis (36,427 deaths in 2013)

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a “Special Communication” report entitled “The Anatomy of Medical Research” analyzing medical research funding worldwide between 1994 and 2012.  Its results identify some key problem areas in the way the US is focusing its research dollars.  Here’s some of what they reported:

Cancer research:  $6,000,000,000 spent

HIV/AIDS research:  $3,000,000,000 spent

Diabetes research:  $1,000,000,000 spent

According to the CDC, there are roughly 1.2 million people in the US with HIV/AIDS and 13.4 million people alive with a history of cancer (either past or current), compared to over 29 million people living with diabetes.  By that comparison the NIH spends over $2,583 each year per person with HIV/AIDS, $418 each year per person wit cancer, and only $38 each year per person with diabetes.

While our hearts go out to those diagnosed with HIV, the above statistics point to the fact that it is a ‘gay disease.’  In fact in 2008, during the National Conference on Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender Equality in Detroit – Matt Forman, Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce, shocked attendees by calling HIV “a gay disease.”  Referring to CDC stats, Forman said, “with 70 percent of the people in this country living with HIV being gay or bi(-sexual), we cannot deny that HIV is a gay disease. We have to own that and face up to that.”

Yet the deniers are still out there and, as the above stats show, it’s the young people of this nation who are paying the highest costs.  In fact, in 2010 an estimated 47,500 Americans were newly infected with HIV.  Of those, 26% (about 12,200) were adolescents or young adults aged 13-24!  What are our public schools teaching our children about HIV/AIDS?  You can bet it doesn’t include Matt Forman’s quote nor statistics from the CDC which overwhelmingly point to it being a “gay” disease.   Condom use is pushed, but no condom is designed for effective use during anal sex.

The push to normalize homosexuality has resulted in an increased number of HIV diagnoses and AIDS deaths.  Normalizing sin always results in the detriment of a nation.

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