June 7, 2021


LGBTQ Activists and Their Allies Target Crawford County School Director


This particular incident is taking place in PennCrest School District, but it could be any school district in Crawford County.  In fact, your school district could be next!!

There is no Gay Straight Alliance Club at Maplewood Jr./Sr. High School, but the librarian took steps to “celebrate” gay pride month –June.  Apparently since school is out on June 11th, the display of gay-themed-books went up the first part of May.  A picture of the display was taken by someone working at the school and posted on his Facebook page informing parents and taxpayers of Penncrest School District what was going on.  School director David Valesky shared the post and noted, “Besides the point of being totally evil, this is not what we need to be teaching kids. They aren’t at school to be brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is okay. It’s actually being promoted to the point where it’s even ‘cool’.”

School director Luigi DeFrancisco also shared the post, without comment and has since deleted it.

The personal attacks and threats against David, his business and his family’s business began immediately and have only intensified.   A ‘recall’ petition was started by a former student at Maplewood — she was only a student for a few months over a decade ago.  A couple things on this:  1.)  there is no ‘recall’ provision in Pennsylvania law, so the only purpose of the petition is to put pressure on the school board to oust both Valesky and DeFrancisco — it is not a valid petition to recall anyone; 2.) the individual starting the petition and most who have signed it do not live in the Penncrest School District.  Additionally, the wording of the petition is full of distortions, half-truths and out and out lies. 

The books on display include:

LGBTQ+ Athletes Claim the Field:  Striving for Equality

By Kirstin Cronn-Mills and Alex Jackson Nelson

AFA of PA NOTE:  I’m sure the book has not been updated to share Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner’s position on transgender girls (biological males) playing in girls’ sports:  “That’s why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school.  It just isn’t fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”

Stonewall:  Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights

By Ann Bausum

AFA of PA NOTE:  The truth — the Stonewall riots were precipitated by an incident involving an underage drag queen, yet that detail was not viewed as significant. Curtis Price, a fourteen-year-old, self-described “radical hustler,” formed the first gay liberation organization in Baltimore. Many of the leaders of early gay liberation and the founders of the major gay groups in the U.S. were boy-lovers (Reeves in Pascal, Marc (ed), Varieties of Man Boy Love :47).” 

The Stonewall riot marks the official turn to militancy in the LGBT movement, when its leaders abandoned the Mattachine Society goal of tolerance, as exemplified by its slogan “the right to be left alone,” and adopted in its place to the hard-core radicalism of Herbert Marcuse’s Frankfort School of “Cultural Marxism.” Marcuse demanded an end to “the repressive order of procreative sexuality” and the elimination of “the monogamic and patriarchal family.”

Branded by the Pink Triangle

By Ken Setterington

AFA of PA  NOTE:  I’m sure the book will not talk about the fact Ernst Roehm, Supreme Commander of the dreaded SA  Brownshirts in Germany, was a homosexual.  In fact, homosexuals were among those who founded the National Socialist German Worker’s Party or Nazis and they often met in gay bars.  The Nazi party grew out of a number of groups in Germany which were centers of homosexual activity and activism.  Many of the Nazi emblems, such as the swastika, the double lightning bolt “SS” symbol and even the triangle symbol used to identify classes of prisoners in the concentration camps, originated among homosexual occultists in Germany. 

As many as 6,000 of the approximately 10,000 “pink triangles” died in the work camps, but few, if any, were gassed in the death camps.  Some of those who died met their deaths at the hands of homosexual Kapos (“trustees”) and guards of the SS.  It is quite fundamental to Nazi ideology that men were to be properly “masculine” . . . .”   

So, should a school be promoting this?  Should a taxpayer-funded school library be displaying such books?  Is this pushing a ‘gay is okay’ agenda on the students?  Would this same librarian display books with a message exposing the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle, stories of those who have left the lifestyle, etc.? 

The pressure has been so great and the media coverage so biased, Valesky has been left to stand alone.  My question is “Why is only one school director upset?”  Yes, school board elections DO have consequences. 

Action Steps

Penncrest today — your school district tomorrow?  Maybe.  There are reports that the LGBTQ crowd will be busing folks in from Erie and Pittsburgh to “encourage” the school board to oust David Valesky and Luigi DeFrancisco.  When school directors have the courage to question the goals of a district or an agenda being pushed by school personnel, we must show them support.  As I’ve witnessed many times the attacks will be relentless.

  1.  Pray for David Valesky. 
  2. Plan to attend one or both of next week’s school board meetings.    The next school board meetings will be at 7:00 p.m. on June 14th and June 16th in the board room at the district office — 18741 State Highway 198, Saegertown.   If you only attend one, it looks like the June 14th one is the most important one to show David support, although any vote would, more than likely, come on Wednesday. 
  3. Wear a button or bring a sign that shows you support David.  I’m sure the other side will display the exact opposite message.
  4. If you live in the district, consider addressing the board at one of the meetings.  Here’s the policy:  All persons wishing to address the Board in a public meeting shall register their intent with the Board Secretary two (2) days in advance of the meeting. Name and address of the participant, group affiliation, if appropriate, and topic to be addressed must be provided.  Board Secretary is Dinah Estes, email:   No non-resident will be allowed to speak at a public meeting unless allowed by special approval by the Board. Persons registered will be assured five (5) minutes to speak.
  5. Pray for the meeting – that it would be civil and that the school board president would not allow direct attacks on David.  Such attacks are against school board policy, but sometimes that policy is ignored.
  6. Pray that the agenda of those pushing for the ouster of David and Luigi would be exposed.
  7. If you live in the district, contact the school board members and let them know you support David.
  8. Consider writing a letter to the editor to the Meadville Tribune — 350 word limit – click here to submit.  You can also write a letter to the editor at the Titusville Herald –  250 word limit — click here to submit. 
  9. What is your school district doing for ‘gay pride month’?
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