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For Immediate Release:  July 6, 2010
Contact:  Diane Gramley   1.814.271.9078

Doylestown Borough Poised to Make Great Error

(Harrisburg) – Doylestown Borough, Bucks County is considering passage of an ordinance to extend special protections to homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders and to permit a life partner registry.  Today the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide pro-family organization, faxed the Borough Council a list of concerns.

“As in other cases homosexual activists are pushing for passage of these ordinances with promises of economic boom for municipalities which pass them.  The same is the case in Doylestown.  The purpose of our fax was to help them see beyond the promise of dollars and cents to real world ramifications of such passage,” stated Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

The AFA of PA fax included this information:

  • This is not a civil rights issue; homosexual, bisexual and transgender identities are not unchangeable characteristics — there are thousands of ex-gays.  Homosexuals have not been restricted to the back of the bus; there are no ‘gay only’ water fountains.  There is no documented history of discrimination because of someone’s sexuality, particularly of homosexuality.  This ordinance would extend special rights to these groups of people simply because of their sexual behavior.
  • The Doylestown Borough proposed ordinance is also supposed to ‘prevent discrimination’ against transgenders.  In the real world what does that mean?  It means legally requiring businesses to allow men who think they are women to use the women’s restroom.  What will that mean at the local Y?  Will such a sexually confused individual be permitted to use the women’s locker room to change clothes and shower?

“Doylestown is in the shadow of Philadelphia where the city is trying to evict the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council from their headquarters for the simple reason that they added the words “Sexual orientation” to the city’s Fair Practices Ordinance back in ’82 and the Scouts do not allow homosexual leaders or members.  Doylestown is placing Bucks County Council 777 in the same situation as the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council,” Gramley noted.

Passage of this proposed ordinance is not in the best interest of the majority of Doylestown residents.   Both components of this ordinance – additional language of sexual orientation and gender identity and the life partnership registry  — are intended to validate the homosexual, bisexual and transgender lifestyles.

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