March 21, 2011

Issues  (check corresponding number in ‘Details’ and ‘Action’ Sections)

1.)     Defund Planned Parenthood

2.)    The Homosexualization of the Military


1.)    As you may recall on March 15th the most recent Continuing Resolution passed in the House by a 271-158 vote.  This funds the federal government through April 8th.  However, the Continuing Resolution passed on the 15th does not contain the Pence Amendment which would defund Planned Parenthood.   Only two US Congressmen from Pennsylvania voted against this latest Continuing Resolution – Mark Critz and Joe Pitts.  On February 19th the House passed HR 1 by a vote of 235-189 which would fund the nation through the end of fiscal year 2011 – September 30th – and defund Planned Parenthood, but it was stopped in the Senate.  In fact Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently said he would reject any House Republican funding bill that yanks Planned Parenthood funding — saying not only no, but “hell no.”

2.)    There’s not been much media coverage since the Senate voted to repeal the law banning homosexuals from serving in the military. They want us to forget what is happening to our military right NOW.  The ban on homosexuals remains in place while the Department of Defense carries on its indoctrination of military personnel.

a.)    The military will be trained in three major phases over three months which began in February. First, lawyers, chaplains, administrators and civilian personnel will be briefed on what the changes mean for their jobs. Next, the leadership, including commanding officers, will be briefed. Finally, the rest of the military will receive its training – this includes taking the “training” into the battlefields of Afghanistan!

b.)    The training program for Chaplains also makes it very clear that dissenters will have no option but to leave the service, if they are eligible and if they do not owe time to the militry.  Chaplains who cannot “reconcile” their “situation” will have to seek withdrawal of “endorsement” by their denomination.

c.)    On March 8 approximately 500 mostly-uniformed personnel were assembled in the Pentagon to get their Tier Two briefing from Lt. Gen. Dan Bolger.  According to a military officer who was there, General Bolger dismissed the concerns of chaplains and people of faith.  With condescension bordering on bigotry, the general suggested that religious expression within the law and policy would remain unchanged, provided that “you don’t stand in formation and quote from the book of Leviticus.”

d.)   Homosexuals will be permitted in our armed forces 90 days after this indoctrination takes place and President Obama, Defense Secretary Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen “certify” that there will be no adverse affects upon the military when the repeal is fully implemented.

Action Steps

1.) Congress is on recess this week and in their district offices.  This week we want to send a strong message to Congress that defunding Planned Parenthood is critical in the budget debate.  Taxpayers do not want their tax dollars being used to pay for abortions nor to enable those who hide the sexual assault of minors. Call your Congressman in the district office nearest you and tell him or her to defund Planned Parenthood — include the Pence Amendment in all budget debates including all Continuing Resolutions.  Remember all PA Republicans except Charlie Dent voted for the Pence Amendment on February 18thClick here for contact info.

2.) Listen to my March 2nd interview with former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt as we discuss the impact the implementation of the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” will have on all the military, but especially the chaplaincy. Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Military Personnel, has expressed interest in holding Congressional hearings about the impact of allowing open homosexuals in the military.  Please contact Congressman Wilson and ask him to hold these hearings as soon as possible – the safety of our military personnel and the integrity of our armed forces are at stake.  Make two phone calls:  DC Office: (202) 225-2452 and Beaufort, SC District Office (843) 521-2530.

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